Full name

Dave Rapoza


Freelance Illustrator/Concept Artist/Comic Artist


Aurora, CO


Creator of Co-Creator of Steve Lichman & Acceptable Comics!


I am a self taught illustrator from Boston, MA, been working freelance now for 11 years or so(as of 2017). Studied a lot early on from Andrew Loomis' and Bridgman’s figure drawing books as well as lots of painting from life(objects on my desk basically). After I hit a wall trying to stay motivated I started the Crimson Daggers(crimsondaggers.com, check out the forum!) which was at the time a daily livestream where we would study and talk as a group.

Thanks to the support of everyone in the community and studying daily I was finally able to land freelance work and maintain a healthy living. As long as healthy living is sitting all day and never seeing the sun :).

Now I work on a lot of personal projects! You can check them out here -

Steve Lichman (comic) – http://www.SteveLichman.com

StarVeil (online motion comic) – http://www.StarVeil.com

Metroid Short animation – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDqnc1Z6SlM

Skull & Shark teaser – http://youtu.be/NZgSpwPbEPQ



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Illustrator, Matte Painter, Storyboard Artist, Designer, Concept Artist, Comic Artist, Animation